Quick Questions & Quick Answers

I have a couple questions:

  1. Is in Neokyo always nighttime?
  2. Is there a world that is always daytime? (I like to ride after work, and I would like to enjoy a little bit of virtual sunshine).
  3. How can I get the basic zwift gloves (the black ones)?
  4. How can I get the GTN Jersey?
  5. I had some technical issue and I aborted a ride after 6 kms and I didn’t save that ride. My weekly total goal remembers those 6 kms (and it is in my feed), my overall “lifetime” total does not. Is this normal?
  6. How big of a difference does a “sweeper” in a group ride make? I mean somebody gets dropped, a sweeper falls back to bring h-er/-im up, how much Wattage % difference does that make?
  7. I did the Mountain Route, “Holly Batman” I hate the radio tower with a passion… no question there, just a statement. :smiley:

Regarding sweepers, you might enjoy this recent Zwift Insider story. It can make a big difference, but if the pack’s pace is well within your ability, and you pay attention, you’ll probably be fine without a sweeper.

Keep riding to the Radio Tower until you don’t hate it any more.

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  1. Yes.
  2. Ride France or Paris, they are permanently sunshine.
  3. Just choose them in the garage. You’ll need the Glove Pack Solid, earned with 94,000 XP.
  4. Do a GTN event.
  5. If it’s in your feed then it was saved one way or another.
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IIRC they’re a level 23 unlock


Thank you all for the replies!

Another question:
Q.: If I ride with a pace partner, do I need to choose the directions and the turns or am I automatically on the same route as they are? (I tried it once and my avatar rode straight ahead and the rest of the group went to the left.)

If you chose to join a RoboPacer from Home Screen then you should follow without needing to do anything further.

As far as I’m aware if you join a RoboPacer from a free ride then chances are they may turn away from you if you are on a different route. I understand Zwift might be working on aiming to keep you on the same route but not 100% sure of this fact or estimated implementation timescale.

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Another question.

I have read the new Zwiftinsider article about Sweeping (which is an awesome article, thanks for pointing it out to me, for writing and for publishing) and I was wondering:
Q.: How much work is to organize a group ride event?
Or a race? (I never raced, and I don’t intend to… I am just curious).

P.s. When I grow up I wannabe a sweeper!
P.p.s I told my girlfriend that I wannabe a sweeper and she asked me if that is one of the four positions in a quidditch game from Harry Potter. :smiley:

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Another couple of quick questions:

Q1: Is there a way to set the default “view” to first person (the number 3 view)? Right now it starts in “third person behind the back” view each time I log into the game.
Q2: Is there a way to set the default for sending the ride to none instead of one of the clubs I joined? Right now at the end of my ride the game always sets it to one of my clubs.
Q3: Could you recommend a route where I end up on the top after an X minute workout with Y Watts so that I can get a couple more km XPs? :smiley:
Q4: If I climb AdZ with a workout do I get a spin? (It sounds like cheating, so I won’t do it, but I am curious).
Q5: Could you recommend a Workout plan AFTER “Build Me Up”? I am going to start Build me up today and I would like to start thinking about where I am “going” after this. (Look at the workouts, familiarize myself with the different zones etc.). Fondo and Gran Fondo looks interesting.
Q6: When will we get the new Urukazi routes on Zwift Hub? Not hurrying anybody, just asking. :face_with_peeking_eye:
Q7: How does the Day-Night cycle work? I guess Neokyo is always night, other than that it has a day-night cycle based on real world???

  1. No.
  2. Should remember your choice on the latest update.
  3. Dunno what this means.
  4. Yes.
  5. No.
  6. See 3. Urukazi is an expansion to Makuri Islands, it’s nothing to do with a trainer.
  7. Yes, but it obviously doesn’t take 24hrs.
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Why would it be cheating, you still have to do the same amount of work.

Q3: If I do a workout at the end of the workout I end up somewhere. Does anyone of you, know a workout (and the wattage or FTP of that workout) where at the end I would end up on top of a hill?

I was talking about ZwiftHub the website and not Zwift Hub the smart trainer.

I would still be interested in answers to:

I guess workout plans are new?

You’d need to ask its owner.

I started reading your 4 year anniversary thread.
OMG Watopia was small 6 years ago!!! X-)

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Yes one loop. The hilly loop .

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Zwift announced that route based workouts are on their near term roadmap. That sounds like something you might enjoy. Not available yet. Current workouts are time based so it would be tricky for the app to know when you’ll reach the top of a hill.

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If I understand you right, combine Q3 and Q4. Do your workout on Road to Sky/AdZ as your course, and coast down when you’re done. I don’t know how long that workout would have to be, but you can go here to figure out how long your workout needs to be based on w/kg you choose:

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How often do we get missions and what types?

I think we have a group ride mission, a workout mission, an explore mission and a racing mission right now.

I guess it is around one of each a month or so (the workout missions seem to be a bit longer)?

it has not been consistent over the years… I think we had maybe only one or two missions in 2020 and 2021. Seems like they are starting to make them more of a priority… but that could fizzle out anytime, who knows?

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