Qubo Digital Smart B+ Resistance too low

I have a Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer via BLE and it seems as though the default resistance is too low. When on a 0% gradient at ~90RPM in my bike’s highest gears (52 - 11) I’m only producing ~240watts of power. If I were doing this on a flat surface outside, I’d be producing much higher wattage. When I hit a hill in the game the resistance does increase, but I’m never forced out of my larger front crank, even at 15%. Is there a way to change the ‘base’ resistance in Zwift? Do I need to do that outside of Zwift?

I have found that increasing the ‘difficulty’ to max has dramatically increased the resistance on climbs. Also ERG mode seems to work well (took me up to 500watts for an interval no problem). The issue at 0% gradient still remains the same though. Is anyone else using this trainer? How do you go past 300watts on flat ground without ERG?

I ordered an ANT+ dongle to see if that will help as I haven’t seen anyone else complaining of this issue.

I am the same symptom. The load is too light on a flat road I can not enjoy the game