Quarq DZero Calibration

Hi All,

I’m using a Quarq DZero (crank based) power metre alongside a Wahoo Kickr whilst using Zwift. For some reason when I go to sensor menu there is no option to calibrate the Quarq power metre. In the past I used a Garmin Vector 2s power metre and I was able to calibrate it via a small ‘spanner’ icon on the sensors menu.

Is there a reason that I cannot manually calibrate the Quarq power meter? I also use TrainerRoad and I can perform the manual calibration or zero off-set on there very easily.

I ask because I got some higher than usual power numbers on a Zwift race yesterday, so wonder how accurate the calibration was.

If anyone can offer some help/guidance/in-sight then that would be great. I looked on-line but I can’t find anyone else reporting this issue.