Quarq D-Zero max power cap

Hi Guys

Just wondering, I use my on bike Quarq D-zero for power and a Tacx Flux 2 to control resistance.

Would this cause my max watts to be capped? When doing a sprint, I can push the power number above 800, but the graphs flat out at about 800 / 750. When comparing to the reading on my Garmin, I reach well over 1000, but it still does not go over even 900 in game.

Is there calibration or setting that has to be fixed for this?


the colourful graph at the bottom while riding is capped graphically but the correct numbers are recorded. I don’t know if the graph gets clipped at some wattage or some multiple of FTP but your power numbers can go above that in game.

The standard response is zwift just reads the power from the power meter (are you sure your trainer isn’t sending the data to either your garmin or zwift?).

A possibility is maybe zwift only records a power over a second where as the Garmin might record smaller time intervals.


Could be. Ill try doing a double recording and doing an overlay and get back to you.

Just first wanted to check that there isn’t a limiting factor in the software.