Quarq dub power meter not connecting

hey all, ive just installed a quarq power meter for my SL7 and everything connects and is installed correctly within the sram axs app. it shows power and cadence within the app. i have paired the PM to my laptop and it is recognised in bluetooth manage but zwift will not recognise it at all no matter what i try. has anyone got any experience with this… power / control is from the kickr, HR is from my garmin watch and cadence will not show the PM at all.

Hi @Frank_Papaleo

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Make sure the PM is not still connected to the Sram app. Delete the sram app and try again. Also go to the Bluetooth setting and forget the PM.

i have just tried all of that… unfortunately nothing seems to work. only in the app.

Do you use the Sram app on your Laptop?

no, only on the phone to check battery status, and micro adjust if needed.

Now do your Laptop have a bluetooth dongle sound like it is a laptop issue.

Do you have another trainer that does connect to the Laptop

only the 1 kickr trainer. i had a garmin cadence sensor that was attached to the crank i was using up until the time i installed the PM that had never had an issue connecting to zwift, rgt, fulgaz etc.
very annoying seeing it working in the app but not zwift. thanks for the replies!

update - i have tried turning off BT on my phone, switching from laptop to previously used tablet and again nothing appears,