Quality of Life Improvements - We ALL need

Haha. FTP can easily be auto calculated from all activities as it (kinda) is for racing. Maybe it could allow you to adjust it up, but not down (it would fatigue over time).

This is what half of the trainerroad rumours alluded to also.

The world has moved on from FTP tests. (Half the world has moved on from FTP, but that’s another discussion).

Regarding gift cards, there was an issue at the end of 2020 where scammers were buying Zwift gift cards with stolen credit card details and then on-selling them at places like Reddit.

Eventually the credit card would get rejected and Zwift would cancel the gift card which burnt a few people (foolish people who thought buying a cheap gift card from some stranger on-line was a good idea but potential Zwift customers never the less).

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I don’t think that’s true yet. TrainerRoad and Xert might be examples of software that will do it for you, but plenty of people don’t use those. Besides, the point really is that Zwift bases workouts on FTP. While that’s the case it’s still necessary to be able to enter a value in that box unless you intend to force people to do FTP or ramp tests within Zwift.

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I agree, if anyone is like me, I used to do one twice a year, now I just do a short race.

Unless it’s a 20min TT effort races are not a great way to get an FTP on Zwift for me personally. Even on short races I try my best to stay out of the front even if I have the juice to do it to save a bit for a sprint, so it’s not the same as a true all-out effort. If Zwift implemented an eFTP like intervals.icu it might work a bit better, but not the way Zwift currently has it set up.

The problem is that Zwift modifies the registered FTP when you adjust the FTP for the workout. It should be easy to just use the registered FTP (or CP, eFTP, etc.) as the default for workouts. The user should be able to adjust the bias before the start and during the workout (as today), without affecting the automatically calculated value. This bias could be stored per workout.

Hi All, and thanks for some good response to this topic!

I want to mention, that normally you have backend devolpers (new routes and ingame content), and frontend devolpers for the gui. Im going for the frontend with this topic and should not influence the ingame content being delayed or anything else, its devided coders.

So for all QOL changes, im just throwing it out there, because i cant even calculate how many times i see topics with the map issue or the full screen graph for the route. Im just hopefull they will see it somehow.

That said, what QOL improvements would you love to see in the gui front, or ingame menu.

+1 for an annual subscription option. It’d be nice but I doubt they’d give us 30-40% off… I’d be happy for even a free month.

Hard no on the “no manual FTP entry” though. As others have mentioned, I think OP didn’t realize that your manually set FTP doesn’t affect automated systems like autocat, ZwiftPower, or cat enforcement. I downloaded Virtupro recently and it makes you do a test to set your FTP. Because of that, I haven’t even tried it out yet. FTP tests suck and Zwift isn’t the only game in town - probably lots of new Zwifters already know their FTP.

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I think think map idea is interesting. I think they should offer Zwift for free to kids under 14, and then let them build the worlds, just like Minecraft.

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The map idea is very good.
That is why I have used the Zwift map hack for years.
I only use for new worlds because it helps me learn the new roads very quickly then I don’t need so much.

I wish we could change the little map view to be a rear view for racing.

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I wish we could change the little map view to be a rear view for racing.

This probably deserves its own thread - replace one of those useless Companion action icons with a “look back” button. RGT has it :stuck_out_tongue:.

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If anyone hears a thud that’ll be @Dave_ZPCMR hitting the floor after fainting at the thought of the field of vision being forwards and backwards at the same time :grinning:


RGT was just purchased by Wahoo and the founder is no slouch. He will be looking at RGT everyday and asking, how do they improve the program, how do they integrate the Wahoo trainer? I find on Zwift, on the right side of the screen, way too much information. Perhaps knowing a few people ahead or behind, but not the entire peloton. I think Zwift will face increased competition with RGT in the next two years. The most valuable asset of Zwift will be the loyal and creative customer user base. They should probably survey all users monthly to get a detailed sense of categorical preferences.

I’d say that a customisable HUD would be an amazing feature. I find there is too much clutter on the screen, especially when on alpe du zwift.