Improving the basics


I’m a pretty newby zwifter user, so new that I’m in the “$14,99 group”. This means I pay 50% more that what it cost me the Office 365 license (just to put it into perspective).

I think the game is great, and the continuous map expansion is pretty impressive. That said, I´ve been diving through all your support page and noticed a general complaint that several zwifters have. Maybe you’d reconsider your roadmap and focus a little bit on the basics before going into bigger maps.

For example:

I’d love to use the companion app in my iPad with landscape mode  since I use a Tacx holder that does no support portrait mode. Apart from that It’s have to be awesome looking that app in an iPad

I really HATE to have to actually start zfwiting just for get into the game settings (Windows version). It really makes my nuts. Additionally, It’s not possible to finish a ride without leaving the game (you can get back to the ride though) Why not including the “rider settings” in MyZwift page?

What about having maybe 2 worlds at once so the zwifter can choose, let’s say between London or Watopia?

Not to mention the velodrome. I heard about adding this feature lots of times.

There are much more basic" features but I don’t want to extend more…

I guess some of this features are just a matter of resources, but remember we pay a good amount of money. I mean, we pay for a premium service (as the subscribers of Office or Photoshop do) and what we expect is just that: a premium service.

Maybe you can rethink the roadmap and just listen a little bit more your customers. Probably most of us prefer to get these “basic features” up and running before a new “Zwift dolomites” expansion…



I forgot to add the Custom workout sync feature, so I can add/share my custom workouts seamlessly between devices, and why not, between friends!