Put Me Back on My Bike

I did a ride with G this morning. Only towards the end of the ride did I realise I was on the Zwift Steel.

I believe the problem is that while I had the Ribble Endurance SL selected, the most recent ride I took part in before today was one of the Ineos group rides on Sunday.

In that ride, everyone was on the Team INEOS Pinarello F12.

When an event-only bike is withdrawn, we should be put back on our previously-selected bike.

It’s worth noting I was put back on the correct wheels, even though the Ineos event had us on Dura-Ace wheels.

(10 cycling geek points to whoever gets the topic reference :smiley: )

Hi @Daren, I also did the Team Ineos ride and when done was put back on my previously chosen bike, the tron bike. :man_shrugging:

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Then it’s still a bug. =)

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