Changing Bike Frame

First – I know how to change bike frames, but I couldn’t think of a better title.
Before the recent mountain bike challenge, I had set my frame and it saved it, and unless I affirmatively changed it, I always had the same frame.

When the recent MTB challenge came out, I opted into the challenge so that I could deselect the option of always having to start wtih the MTB frame. But that appears to have created or triggered a different bug.

Now, my frame selection is not saved. Every time I start a ride, I am on the Zwift Carbon – which I have never selected. So I have to immediately hit menu and go into the garage and change to the concept/Tron frame. I complete the ride, save the ride, and next time I ride . . . rinse, repeat, here I am back wtih the Zwift Carbon.

Am I missing a way to set and save the concept/Tron as my default bike?

I think it is a bug, lots of people have reported the same behavior, hopefully after the month is over and the challenge is done it will revert to normal.