Put Cat Enforcement data on Zwiftpower profiles

Wild idea, but one that would probably calm a lot of storms regarding Cat Enforcement boundaries.

How about having both old style cat limit data and the ‘current version’ of the category enforcement boundaries on a rider’s profile on Zwiftpower. This would save a lot of people attempting to work it out with different methods and resulting values.

I.e. put it here: (Maybe with option to toggle which limits version to display so as not to take up too much space on the page.)


Totally agree.

The sooner this (or something like it) happens the better :+1:


Don’t forget to vote it up if you agree :smiley:

Can only be for the good.

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Think longer term - boundaries can be determined by the race organiser, and your ‘category’ is no longer a static concept.

Also note that a large number of Zwift racers are not active on Zwift Power.

The messaging should be in-game and in the companion app. It should show your CP/MAP, not the resultant ‘pen’. Then it is easy to understand why you are categorised in a certain way for a specific race.

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For it to be shown on actual Zwift profiles in game and companion app would be great too. But for results, people use Zwiftpower and it’s a lot easier to use that to check out the field in an event. Would seem like a quick win over in game changes.

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Perhaps Zwift could make it super-easy for people to register on ZP and then make it a prerequisite for racing?

Any downsides to something like this?

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It’s just not a good user experience to have to go to a website to see A: race details (e.g. why am I in the pen) and B: race results. A website is fine for analysis, everything else should be in-game. We are used to working in that way, but for your everyday zwifter it’s very clumsy (in fact you wouldn’t know anything about it if you are not actively engaged in the zwift community online).


I personally think most people know to come to Zwiftpower for event info and results. Most organisers say to register/check on zwiftpower too. The lack of clarity on what people can and cannot enter should have been planned out before rolling it out. I see no reason to not use such a straightforward option of providing paying customers visibility and explaination of their own data.
Given Zwiftpower is where racers know to go and look, it only seems a logical place to provide such useful data.

From a user of this platform, I don’t want to load up a game to check this information, a website is the perfect tool for the job. Especially one that is already widely known and established.

most people don’t want to have to go to another site to see results, they see what’s on the screen when the race finishes and that’s their result, there are plenty who race and are not on zwiftpower, Ben Foster for one


Not saying don’t put it in game at all. It would be a good idea to have it there also. But that isn’t what I’m debating here. My request is to have it on ZP.

Nice example btw, but I don’t think we need to discuss that element further given it has already been publicly highlighted and discussed on a certain YouTube channel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Putting CP/MAP on a profile somewhere (ZP or Zwift, I really dont care) gets my vote.

Ranking, organiser variable pens, etc, all of which require quite a bit of more complex coding seem no bother at all, but publishing what seems to be a fairly easily accessible piece of data seems curiously absent from the commitment list.


:star_struck: Absolutely. Simple facts on a page, that’s what we need.
Think of how many people wouldn’t have to go off and create spreadsheets, visit even more websites to try and work things out.

He used to, has he deleted it? :rofl:

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he’s on it partially but it shows Rider has not registered at ZwiftPower.com and always has for him

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Agree, put it everywhere. Should be on ZP, should also be in the fundamental “My Profile” section of the Activity Feed when at ZwiftDotCom/feed – where the only performance data info shown (not at all helpful for knowing where you really are to pick a race, group ride, etc) is your calorie count? Oh, and your Zwift level is there.

I think basically, all of one’s profile data and information should be housed in one place, to be able to be pulled, presented and labelled as necessary on any relevant webpage or in the app.

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Since Zwift owns Zwiftpower, what is the obstacle that prevents Zwiftpower from being used to calculate every rider’s data and/or providing their ZP category? Is it personal data (weight)?

If someone has not signed up (or opted into) for ZP, just use ZP to provide simple A, B, C, or D for each rider (and CP/MAP when ready), even if the holdup is showing weights or heights due to privacy issues? Ie. a stripped down version of their publicly accessible profile that doesn’t divulge more sensitive(?) info?

Last time we considered removing height and weight from Zwiftpower there was a colossal revolt.

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I can see that for race results being the case. Just make it the case that you can’t podium, and will only appear in the Unfiltered results if you don’t share that data (kinda like an HR dq).