Purpose of giving and receiving 'ride-on' s'

New to indoor cycling but quite liking it :grinning: still figuring everything out in game and by reading on internet I still can’ t find the why and how of giving and receiving ‘ride-ons’.

What should I notice receiving a ride-on, I don’t have the impression my Kickr Core is going easy on resistance for example.

When and why do you give ride-on’ s to other riders around you?

You can click on their name in the list of riders near you (list is on the right) and click on the the :+1: to give a Kudo individually OR in the companion app you can click on the little white circle around your location arrow and everyone around you will get a Kudo. Or you can use the companion app to “find a Zwifter” and give an individual a Kudo that way.
Why and when you give out Kudos can be for any reason and can change from ride to ride and even within a ride. Maybe you are riding in a small group with someone, maybe they are a friend, maybe you like their kit or maybe you’re in the mood to just be giving out Kudos and making new friends.

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If you give a RideOn, then the Drops of that rider counts a little faster.
And we all know, that drops is the currency in the DropShop :+1:
Maybe they give you a RideOn back, and then you earn Drops faster.

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Bob’s told you how to give them out (though they are called Ride Ons in Zwift, not Kudos).
What should you notice receiving a Ride On?

  • A “ping” noise
  • A large thumbs-up appearing and then dropping into your back pocket
  • A thumb appearing next to your “Drops” total which symbolises that - for a few seconds - a multiplier has been applied to the drops you’re earning, so you’re earning drops faster than you normally would.
  • If the person who gave the Ride On is close to you on the map, you’ll see a “thumbs-up” icon next to their name, which you can use to reciprocate the Ride On.
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling when you realise someone has given you a Ride On and a drops bonus!

When should you give them out? Whenever you want! Sometimes I give one because someone has made me laugh in the chat, sometimes because someone’s just done a PB, sometimes because we’re working well together in a group, sometimes because they’re passing me and sometimes because I’m passing them. And some days I just hit the “group ride on” symbol in companion repeatedly because I like receiving Ride Ons and so it’s nice to do the same to others! :slight_smile:
Some people don’t give Ride Ons, as they’re focused solely on their own cycling. Do whatever’s best for you!


Instant gratification with a mild surge of endorphins…

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Thnx for your answers, really helpful! Gave and received a lot of them with my ride today :muscle: