Giving Ride Ons

Currently when you receive a “Ride On” during a ride your Drops earning rate doubles for 15 seconds (while the Ride On icon appears to the right of your Drops counter). To encourage people to give a Ride On could this be extended to include the person “giving” the Ride On.

What goes around comes around.

In essence, this would give people a button that doubles their own drop earning rate permanently if it’s clicked every 15 secs or less. I can’t see Zwift facilitating that.

If you want to earn drops faster, joining a popular (i.e., large group) Pace Partner ride is the better bet for a couple of reasons. It not only enables you to earn up to 2.5x drops for minutes at a time, but also to receive more Ride Ons – the effects of which are cumulative with the increased background earning rate, I believe – as there are often people spamming the 5-Ride On button in Companion throughout the ride.


Hi Roule, like everything there would be people who abuse this, so there would have to be a limit.

I have not noticed any shortage of ride-ons. I usually receive about 100/hr, which seems adequate.

I don’t think this suggestion would have a healthy effect on the game, but if you like ride ons and earning drops faster, I have some suggestions:

  • Most ride ons are given by people who are not riding, usually your followers
  • You want to collect followers who give ride ons, not just random people
  • You want to follow people who are likely to follow you back
  • Review your rides afterwards and see who gave you a ride on (the people not already following you)
  • If the person follows a roughly equal or greater number of people compared to their followers, that means they probably want followers and will follow back - follow them
  • If the person has a lot more followers than people they follow, don’t follow them. Go ahead and give them a ride on if they’re riding.
  • If the person has a private profile, don’t follow them (unless they follow you first). Go ahead and give them a ride on if they’re riding.
  • People you meet on social rides are more social, more likely to follow you and give ride ons - do more social rides to find them. Participate in the social aspect of the ride (stay with the group, friendly chat, help other riders, give ride ons to everyone riding with you)
  • Do pace partner rides - giving ride ons is part of the pace partner ride culture. Give a ride on to everyone there.
  • Stay with pace partners at least until the drops multiplier resets from 2.5x back to 1x
  • Give plenty of ride ons in game - a few of those people will reciprocate and show up in your ride review, and a few will follow you because you gave them a ride on.
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