No achievements awarded for giving kudos

There are three achievements for giving other riders kudos (“Ride On”). One for giving 3, one for 30, and one for 100. However, I have given over 30 kudos in one ride and not been awarded any achievements, even the one for giving 3. I have given more than 3 on several occasions, and am still not getting the award. Am I misinterpreting the requirement, doing something wrong, or is something else wrong?

Ride ons given directly through the game interface on the computer were the only ones that counted for me. Those given by mobile link had no effect. So perhaps you’re trying to give the kudos through the mobile app?

Thanks Stef! That might be it…I was using the mobile app. I couldn’t figure out how to do it through the computer app; I’ll look it up and figure it out.

View other rides, then there’s the ride on button available for that rider. You can quickly select through a 100 random names on the list and ride on to get the achievements done within a minute or 5 to 10.