Ride ons not counting on Samsung S7

Cannot get the give 3 ride on achievement,. I am able to receive them as I just got the 10 in one session this morning. This must have happened before, is there a fix?

How do yo give ride ons?

If you use the companion app in free ride you can click the white circle on the map and it will give 5 ride ons.

I am just using the zwift app on my phone, tap the screen to bring up the options and hitting the thumbs up,… It calls out ride on but that’s it, I should also mention I am running and not cycling.

That button doesn’t give rideons it just says “ride on”.

You have to tap the rider name on screen in the right riders list and you will see a orange thumb. Giving a Ride On

Okay thank you, I will try that during my next session