Provide ability to create a bunch ride.

It would be good to be able to organise a ‘bunch ride’, users nominate they want to be part of the bunch and the graphics identify the other members of the bunch somehow (different jersey for length of ride?).

Also the ‘riders nearby’ only show members of the group rather than random riders.

leader board limited to members of riders in group


We agree! During and after the Jens event, we all looked at the game for areas where it would have been easier or more intuitive to create a group ride, and came up with a list of ideas similar to yours.

While I don’t know what our timeline on implementing these kinds of features are, we’re definitely planning on making group rides easier to organize and join.

Can you please give us some ideas of what changes are in the pipeline so that us groups riders can provide feedback?  Thanks.  

Some way to differentiate between a,b, and c groups would be nice too. That way if you are on the border maybe you can start with the next group up and drop off until your main group catches you.

This would be beneficial in races too. instead of adding the tag KISS say to you ride name you could put it in a a race box. you would only see Kiss riders on your riders near you in the right hand section. For the Handicap races this would make these races far better. as you may have a rider you are catching 1 minute ahead. at  moment you don’t know until your almost on them.