Rider delta for group rides

Until you get some group ride/race features going, it would be REALLY useful to be able to click on a rider (or from the mobile app) and have an option to toggle “Delta to rider” 

This should cause the “nearby riders” panel on the right hand column to shrink by one row, and the time/distance delta to that rider shown in that slot with a delta symbol ∆

This should be pretty easy to implement - and would make it much, much easier to track the leader for a group ride, or someone in a race peleton or breakaway

Please and thanks!!

It would also make it much easier to find group ride leaders and get back on if you start late or have to stop due to nature break or tech issues/crash/etc

I should have specified, that the delta to that rider would be shown no matter where the other rider was on the course (although they should be greyed out if they are running the course in reverse relative to your direction)

I’d also want to see how many riders “in my group” or in my race are ahead of me vs. behind me. I’ll mock up something real quick, hacky mock-up to describe what I mean… 

(time passes) 

Something like this, obviously more graphically appealing than I’ve done here.

Being able to join/leave groups on the road would be ideal, but probably a lot more work to implement than a simple rider delta.  Thought I’d throw the developers a softball :wink: