Progress in training plan lost

I have been following the Gran Fondo training plan. On Friday, I finished week 7 of 8. Only 3 more sessions were left. However, on Saturday, it seemed that I had been unenrolled. I tried to go back but then it enrolled me again starting from scratch. Quite disappointed for that

I have completed Gran Fondo in the past so I am not sure I would have received an additional badge or not. However, was this my first time, I would be very disappointed.

Is this a sign of a broader problem? Any way to get me back where I was?

Any chance you are logged into the game on more than one device? That’s a common reason for lost progress. I’m not sure it’s relevant here.

You can contact support to see if they can help but I think the answer is that nothing can be done about it.

I contacted the support team and they found the root cause. Sharing here in case others have a similar issue.

Gran Fondo is an 8 week program. Zwift provides 2 additional weeks to complete the program. My extra weeks expired this weekend and that is why progress was lost.

I have been traveling a lot so I needed that extra flexibility. I can definitely work around it but definitely not a positive experience.

What I do not understand is why Zwift has this approach. How does it improve the user experience? I remember the days when the approach was far more rigid. I welcomed the additional flexibility. It is time to add some more.

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I can see your frustration, but training plans do require a certain level of commitment. Most all of the workouts are available on demand now anyway, so if you do run out of the allotted time you most likely can finish by doing them from the workout menus rather than the training plan.

Part of the issue is that allowing more time to finish means people are skipping a lot of workouts during the week, or full weeks at a time, and that really degrades the intended fitness gains. Then you’ll have people here complaining that after what was supposed to be done in 8 weeks took them 13 weeks they didn’t see any improvement…

Thanks for the additional perspective. I can see both points of view.

I agree on the level of commitment needed for any training plan. I fully agree that missing multiple full weeks will defeat the purpose of the plan (but that is user’s responsibility).

For me, it was easier in the days of COViD (as crazy as that sounds) with everyone glued to our homes. I now travel several times a month and hotels do not usually have Zwift compatible bikes (something that I would welcome). So I have a parallel training plan for those days to ensure I stay on track (I also liked that Gran Fondo only required 3 days/week of structured workouts which gave me a lot of flexibility).

In any case, peace and Ride On :+1:

If you did an alternate workout, you can also mark one of the Zwift workouts as “I did it” without actually doing it in Zwift. Not sure if that’s really a solution for you but it’s an option.