Progress bar and Weighted Experience Points.

The orange level Progress Bar is great, but it would be nice to know just how much progress I have made on one ride. I would like to see it two-toned (a lighter or darker orange) that indicates the progress made on the current ride. 

My other suggestion would be that experience points be weighted. I feel the standard 20/km or 30/mile is a bit unfair. What if you are doing repeats of the Epic KOM segment vs doing laps along the flat ocean. If I am purely riding for experience points, then I can rack up way more sticking to flat ground and ride around at 24mph with half the effort of climbing that mountain.

Would be nice to switch it to a points system much like given during workouts where it’s power/effort based.

I also support the 2nd idea. Experience points gained by investing more watts should be weighted better than those gained through “just let the legs flow”.

+1 a good idea that XP gained on that particular ride should appear in a different colour. Adding climbing XP would be the ideal solution so you get an amount of XP per 100ft climbed as well as per mile.

Mark - I could live with added XP based on elevation. The only reason I would suggest having a reward power based vs elevation is so you don’t alienate the guys that kill it on the flats doing 28-30 (they deserve some love too). I could throw my hardtail on the Kickr and spin up the Epic KOM with  ease (might take a while), would rather rack up some extra Xps for doing it in the big ring.

I could also see an argument that the 50th km of a single ride is worth more points than the 50th km of 3 rides combined.  Could be another way to entice riders to stay on longer.