Program won't run on Lenovo tablet after latest update

I was feeling very lucky. My Lenovo tablet never had problems running Zwift since December 22nd 2021. I perform each update as they come in. I recently did the latest update. Program won’t run at all. I get the greeting window. Then the program crashes before it can even find the trainer. Tried several times. Rebooted the tablet. Tried several more times with the same result. Won’t run at all.

Hi Bob, my name is Alex!

I’ve checked with our team and they have informed me that this issue is on their radar.

While there isn’t a work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you need assistance with; we’d all be more than happy to help!

Same issue with me on my Lenovo tablet but only with the very last update to 1.23.3

Same problem here hope they fix this soon

I have Same problem here. :grimacing:

Same problem here…hoping for a quick fix Any update please?

Is this specific to Lenovo tablets? If so is it all Lenovo tablets?

same problem here: Lenovo TB-8505F

The same with me

Is there any news on the fix for this problem? My tablet is the only device I have to use in my pain cave and I am missing my fix and paying a subscription for a service I can’t currently use.

You can pause your subscription while it remains broken. You could also try running the app on your phone.


Is it solved with the new 1.24.0?

I have a Lenovo M8 tablet I bought around New Year’s just for Zwift. I have a 256 GB SD card in it configured as internal memory, and I still had to delete the only other app I’d put on it (gotomeeting, because it doesn’t work on my work laptop) on order to install the April 2022 (.24) update, but it does work.

Note that it’s never great, there’s always lag (steering is terrible), often low frame rate, all the riders disappear in big groups, but I’ve had very few connection problems and only ever at the beginning (I’ve never had it crap out partway through a workout and not save it).

I’m one of those people who’s happy I don’t need a full gaming computer to do exercise bike.

Nobody needs a full gaming PC for Zwift.


thanks zwift for not responding to any question here! But why is zwift running again on my tablet? not any bugfix for that issue on the latest update…

This was fixed without the need for a software update and should be working fine since my previous response on this thread.

I got a message that Zwift needed to be updated on my lenovo M10, but the update failed every time. Deleted zwift and tried to re-install it. Got a message that my device was not supported… Anyone know if this is correct?

Hi @Ronny_Ekren, compatibility for Android is pretty simple so if your device meets all the requirements on our article please reach out to support so we can take a closer look.