Game Update 1.23 - March 9th, 2022

I’m not sure what your point is. You’re using a totally different setup in every way.

I’ve built over 75 Zwift PCs now (Intel/Nvidia/Win10), so you get very accustomed to how it feels and performs in various scenarios. It’s performing significantly worse than ever right now, and there’s not been a hint of acknowledgement from Zwift HQ about it. It feels like they are hoping it goes away, like the launcher flickering/stutter, and Makuri Islands where you’ve always needed inexplicably powerful hardware to hit 60fps.

“Doesn’t affect Apple TV, so who cares.”

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updated earlier and everything paired automatically as it should but i had no movement or cadence until i went into the pairing screen and disconnected everything and reconnected, then it started working on the Neo 2T via Bluetooth, haven’t had this issue until this update

Updated to 1.23.3 yesterday. (Win 10 PC, new home screen, Bluetooth only for all connections: KICKR 18, 2019 TICKR HR, Elite Sterzo Smart.)
Had connection weirdness for the first time ever, including with iPad, ATV, and now this new PC. I downloaded launcher v1.1.2 shortly before that, just to see if anything changed compared to v1.1.1. No idea if that might be related.

It took a relatively long time for cadence and controllable (both on KICKR) to connect. The Wahoo TICKR didn’t want to be found, despite all instances of Wahoo apps being hard closed on all devices. I had to search for around 30 seconds, closing the HR window and reopening it a couple of times before the TICKR was findable. (It’s normally instantaneous. As always, HR strap contact points were dampened beforehand and its LEDs indicated that the TICKR was active. Had checked battery the day before; still above 3.0V, despite being a few months old.)

I joined a ride and saw the ‘disconnect’ overlay at top left immediately, which I’ve not had on my PC set-up before. When I went back into the pairing screen it was indicating connections were okay. :thinking:

As I had a couple of minutes before the ride, I exited the pen, closed the Zwift app, closed Zwift in system tray, then restarted Zwift and everything then worked as expected. Zero dropouts or disconnects during the 1h28 ride, according to Zwiftalizer. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hoping that was just a blip and not a sign of things to come. Will ride again later today.

Try a longer ride if possible. I had very similar BT connection problems to you and, after much rigmarole (like you) got everything to work via the ZC bridge. Seemingly a nice stable connection until I was around 1 hr 40 mins into my ride when it failed again (along with my patience). It seems very arbitrary as to when my bridged BT connection will ultimately fail.

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Had a few updates this month but still not got the new homescreen, have checked and running 1.23 on windows 10 and not sure if im missing something or just more updates to come?

Not everyone gets the new home screen. It’s random so to speak from our perspective. Zwift rolls it out to more users gradually. How they decide is unknown at this point. Also, it’s Windows and Mac users only.

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1.23.3 update Win 10.
Unbelievably choppy graphics after this update. Stuttering, dropped/black frames etc.

Was only riding a ToW stage with 200 others - not even like it was Makuri :wink:
Was running Ultra / 60fps perfectly happily before this update. Has anyone else experienced this today?

Depending on your CPU, you wouldn’t ordinarily be at 60fps in that ride anyway. But yeah, the game is performing poorly right now: Unexpectedly poor frame rate performance on recent game updates (PC)

Thanks Dave.
Looking at Zwiftalizer, the figures don’t look all that bad, but this is the worst graphics performance I’ve ever experienced across PC, Mac & ATV


Yep, looks about ‘right’. Depends on the route, but basically from 10.13am onwards you should have been at a constant 60fps and it never got there. Really poor.

PS: load time is garbage too. Combination of the new home screen and the redundant stuff @Arend_teRaa has highlighted.

I wonder if it really is - my guess is that people who use different platforms won’t get it so that they aren’t using one home screen on PC and then a different one on android or whatever.

My set of 1 is me and i use PC and android and i’m still (very happily) on the old home screen/

I Zwift on ATV but I also have Zwift installed on two PCs. The PCs both have the new Home screen.

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My set of 2 is proving less conclusive!

Can’t start app in Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus…(Android 10). It crashes immediately after login…I tried everything…still can’t use the app…:sob::sob:

This is a known issue

No fix unfortunately at the moment

No fix and you’re still required to make monthly payments? Sounds like a scam to me. I’m about done with Zwift after this debacle

Feeling better now…:rofl::rofl::rofl: I m tired of something happening always (pc android) to frustrate me! Someone doesnt do well his job here! Hope they fix it soon…Zwift was the only reason i bought that tablet…

Please, include the “Normalized Power” in the ride data.

Sorry if this has been posted before. The german screen asking me to continue my membership needs a little maintenance (Windows 10):

Looks like Zwift is no longer interested in my payment.

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