Proform to iFit Bluetooth Protocol

I have a Peloton Gen3 bike and and I have created a small microcontroller that when you plug the bike into it, allows me to bypass the screen (head unit) altogether and broadcast the ride data to Zwift.

I have mainly done this because I have a Nordictrack 2950 with an iFit subscription and did not want to have to pay for 2 subscriptions. I also prefer Zwift a lot more than the Peloton App as I’m not into the classes, only virtual outdoor rides.

My challenge is that in addition to Zwift, I would like to use iFit with my Peloton bike. I don’t have access to a Proform or iFit (running on a tablet) compatible bike in order to study the protocol.

If someone has any knowledge of the BT protocol it uses and characteristics, I would be forever grateful.