Problems with ant+ and imac

Dear Support

I ve just restarted my season with Zwift.
Probably caused updates now have problems to connect zwift with my suito, cardio garmin and assioma powermeter by AN. Zwift don’t see Any sensor ! so this 2 times i ve used zwift with companion but i don’t have cardio BT !
Sincerely never have had this problems before and i did not change my configuration. I can only think that some updates was not good for my Imac.
I tried to install again zwift but i have same problems! Sincerely pay 15 usd/month and cannot use my configuration is not a good idea.
Hope there is a solution for this problems
Thank you

Hi @Romolo_Pomaretti_ITA, what version of Mac OS are you running, has it been updated?


Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6

i always used this setup , don’t know if automatically OS updated but i don’t think

I think there were some issues with permissions on that version of OS and Zwift, when you reinstalled did you first delete all folders names with Zwift? I know in Windows it creates document folders as well as program folders so you need to delete everything first to get a clean install. If asked about permissions, accept them or choose yes when prompted.

No i did not delete all folders, you suggest to do it? where i found zwift folders on my Mac?

I don’t use Mac, but you should be able to search for them in the finder?

By the way, I am not with Zwift support, just another user like you.

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thank you for your help, i try to delete all zwift folders but i hope some people from support can give me a reply. I always used this setup without any problems before.

You will need to contact support directly, they don’t always answer the forums (but sometimes do).