Problème vitesse / puissance

J’ai un souci avec la vitesse sur mes ride avec mon Tacx Flux S.
Je m’explique: en côte ou en descente, pas de pb, le home trainer augmente ou diminue la difficulté.
Par contre au niveau de la vitesse, j’ai beau appuyer comme un sourd ou pédaler dans le vide, la vitesse ne varie pas. Quelle que soit la façon dont j’appuie sur mes pédales, la vitesse reste la même et donne l’impression de s’afficher en fonction de la pente.

Par exemple, je suis a 25 kil/h sur plat, la pente arrive et ma vitesse chute jusqu’à 6kil/h dans une pente de 10%. Pendant la pente, même si j’accèlere, la vitesse reste à 6 et n’augmente pas.
Elle se met à réaccélerer des que la pente est finie.

Pouvez vous m’aider?


When you press harder on the pedals, do you see your watts increasing?

You have paired the trainer as a power device (plus controllable) and not speed, right?

Hi @Matthieu_Vogt

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Can you give us a bit more information about your trainer and Zwift setup.

Yes, <hen i press harder, watts incresing but not the speed. I’ve paired the trainer as power device i think but i’ll check later. thanks.
Thanks Gerrie. I’ve got a tacx flux S but i don’t know how i configured my zwift i admit :slight_smile:
I’ll check and i will tell you all these informations. Many thanks to both of you

Hi @Matthieu_Vogt

I did a quick check on some of your rides you did and it look like the speed does change but it does not change a lot because the power does not increase a lot.

I also notice that you are riding at very high cadence, do you change gears while riding. What gear are you using on your bike.

Hi @Matthieu_Vogt

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There are many variables that factor into speed in Zwift (e.g. incline, your weight, your watts, drafting, etc…) and as others here may have already mentioned, it can sometimes take a dramatic change in power output to notice any difference in speed. I would think this is especially the case when going up a steep incline where the speeds are typically much slower.

If your power (watts) readings appear to be okay, and your weight is set at the correct value, then there generally isn’t a need for concern regarding your speed. It’s been my experience that all other Zwifters ride under the same virtual rules and variables.

Thanks Steven, i will tcheck all these things and i’ll tell you if this mistake disappear :slight_smile:
Thanks all

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