Problème des Watts


quelqu un peux m aider de sujet de Watts, je n’arrive pas de programmer les sprints, exemple 16 X 10 seconde de sprint plus que 500W, alors que ZWIFT bloque les WATTS à 823W, je ne comprends pas pourquoi j’ai pas la liberté d explosé les WATTS ?
Merci par avance,

It could be that your trainer can only read up to ~823 watts. What trainer do you have? Perhaps it is miscalibrated.
Are you trying to do this in a workout in ERG mode? If so and you set the watts to 500, the trainer will decrease resistance once you push above 500 watts to try to compensate and keep you at 500. Instead of a power block, you could add a free ride segment for the same amount of time. That will let you extend your watts as high or low as you want.
Lastly, I have noticed on another rider’s setup that their watts seem to cap out. On a trainer (specifically Kickr Bike v1) that is supposed to go to 2200 watts, the Zwift power graph at the bottom in-game seems to stop around 1000. I’m not sure what’s happening there.

I think the power graph stops at 600W (?) I can make the flat top on the graph without reaching 1000W for sure.

I don’t know what’s affecting Boujema. We would need to know more about the trainer.

i have Home Trainer Wahoo Kickr V6,the maximum of my home trainer is 825W blocked, I don’t understand why, because I have sprint sessions