Problem with my speed on flat road

Im using a inteligence static bicycle, the dificult on zwift is in his Max, when i climb its perfect, its very hard but when im riding on a flat road y cant go more faster and the hardness of the pedals are null… why? I want to change the gear to put more hardness and go more faster and get more wats but i cant… cadence 120 rpm and 110 wats on a flat road…
(My biclycle its a bodytone smb1 v1)

Hi @Alvaro_Martinez5, welcome to the forums. That looks like a spin bike, how does it connect and transfer power to Zwift? Spin bikes usually aren’t supported very well and that is most likely why the speed is inaccurate.


I have power, cadence and controllable devices.
I want to keep a Minimum of wats on a flat Road only. When im climbing its very hard but when its a flat Road doesnt not resistance.