Problem with a speed lecture between my static bike and Zwift

Hello everyone. I recently purchased a Zwift compatible Ten Series XT70 bike. The application recognizes my bike but there is a problem that I cannot identify between the actual speed reading and the speed indicated by Zwift. I choose a workout where it says that to warm up you have to ride at 100 W and pedaling very fast with medium resistance I can’t reach 60 W. I don’t understand where this problem comes from. If anyone have some tips or something i would be very gratefull. Great day everyone.

Try increasing the resistance

Thanks Martin, I tried but I could never match the speed of Zwift.

Best of luck with that one how far out is the speed, Zwift uses a fancy formula that involves weight and height etc to calculate speed, which no resemblance to the way physics actually measure speeds {distance travelled/time)

Thanks Martin.

Very unlikely to ever match. Zwift uses power generated, road resistance, bike wind resistance, size you input to Zwift and a host of other items to determine speed.

Your bike, more than likely, measures how fast your wheel is turning. Not going to match…

But if they don’t match, does that mean I can’t follow the workouts as they are supposed to be?

Most spin bikes cannot measure power accurately because they don’t have a power meter.