Private islands?

I asked this question of the Zwift team shortly after starting the beta program:

“In the future will I be able to set up private group rides with my clubmates so we can do virtual training rides together?”

After riding the island initially with a dumb trainer, then moving to a KICKR, I have another question along the same lines:

“In the future will I be able to set up private group rides and filter riders by trainer type?”

The reason I ask is that when I moved to the KICKR it became extremely difficult to stay with other riders when cresting a hill, or on a downhill. I have to assume those riders were on dumb trainers (like I used to be) because they were able to keep a reasonably steady power level, whereas I had to shift to my biggest gear and up my cadence to an uncomfortable level to produce any significant power on a downhill. Even in the big gear with increased cadence I got dropped most of the time and had to chase really hard to catch them. (Sidebar: There is a lot of discussion on other threads about downhill physics elsewhere that show that I am not the only lightweight (69kg) who has this problem.)

So it would be a nice feature to be able to set up a ride/race that only allowed riders with the same trainer setup to join. If everyone is riding a KICKR, then everyone has to deal with the same physics.

Just thought of an additional question:

How difficult would it be to duplicate the current server setup in order to make more copies of Zwift Island with minor differences like “KICKR only” or “55+ only?”

+1 absolutely.

+1 for sure. Plus I’m desperate for Cycleops Powerbeam Pro trainer resistance support.

I’m not sure you would get many people to ride with if you started deviding it up like that. I use a kickr, & I think this is a good idea, but if it meant no one to ride with at 6:30pst on a Tuesday evening…

@Ron S: True. With a limited number of beta users this might be a problem. But from a purely personal (and selfish?) POV, I’d rather ride around with 5 guys that are compatible with my power/riding style/age/training plan/etc than to ride around with 100 people that are not. (Although having lots of riders on the loop does make it more visually and socially fun.)