Private Instances - Teams, Courses, and Custom Jerseys

Now with Zwift going paid, and with the workout mode coming up, which I am going to assume allows training by yourself, I think it’s time you look into private instances

Private instances could be created for “team rides” or open races, etc.

This allows a user to control who or how many to create friendly competition.

As part of this, I’d also like to see customized courses based off of uploaded GPX data. Especially now that Strava recognizes this as “virtual”, it will no longer mess with the original segments.

Being able to create teams is another feature that needs to be thought about with all of this, as it will allow an easier to manage setup.

It would also be a lot easier to get more subscribers that are on teams, as they can now get their teammates involved.

Also, if you were smart, offer a paid service to import team kit into Zwift for them.  It’s already setup in a vector format when they send it off to the manufacture, so shouldn’t be too much time to make a player map of it.

Being able to create clubs in Zwift I think would be an excellent feature and like Strava you should be able to be a member of more than one club.

If you’re riding for a club you’d be able to have their name next to yours, custom jerseys would be ideal but I recognise it takes works so not every club can have them, but they should be able to choose from one of the standard jerseys and make that the club kit at least until there are enough members on Zwift to justify a custom jersey.

Hey Guys, I think custom jersey’s would be an amazing feature, I’m trying to unit a few different club members and we’ve been scheduling groupe rides on zwift, being able to import our own jersey would be an amazing feature, one that we would not only be glad to pay for but which would also enable ourselves to bring in many new subscribers, presently spending money and time in specialized training facilities and or other online applications. 

I think the added value of having our own costume jersey’s (as superficial as the concept is) would be huge! Having a team emphasis with a users own identity would, I’m sure, easily create a free marketing through members promoting pictures of their groupe or team rides on social media.