Private Group Riding

Love the idea of having a dedicated group of friends that are online to cycle with and keep track of, but with thousands of others online at the same time it is very difficult to keep track of where your friends are that are in the same work out as you. Is there a way in which we can arrange a group workout on a selected map without having any other zwifters avatars and stats on screen so that it is more focus and easier to monitor the other people in the group work out - for example, if you are wanting to have a small work out with 3 people, only these three would be on screen. It would give a better feel for the game and allow for better sprint finishes and allow for more competition between friends and provide a more realistic ride.

Thumbs up! I wish for a possibility to organize a private group ride or to turn all of the others avatars invisible, too.


Have you tried a group Meetup? Instructions to set one up are here

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Unfortunately there you’re still on the track with „everyone“ else

Use the world hack to go to any of the other places not currently available, you would not be able to use this for Watopia, but if Richmond or Yorkshire for example were not on the world choice for the day then you would be pretty much alone. All you friends would have to do the same thing of course.