Pricing – we miss a kind of partner or family package

We are a 5 member family and share ONE kickrbike. So only one of us will use Zwift at a time. But the current subscription model requires 5 full memberships. Is there anyone else who is facing the same challenge because 5 x 15 €/mth * 12 = 900 € per year for us a a family just doing cycling on the same kickrbike is simply far too much. Even services such as AppleMusic we can use every day and(!) silmutanous for the same monthly 15€ in our family – strongly suggest, Zwift should consider such usage situations and reflect it in theri pricing – best Jean

PLEASE SHARE and SUPPORT my proposal - thx!

There are already other posts about family memberships. Please add your comment to one of those posts, and vote it up, instead of starting a new thread.

Doesn’t make any difference though, does it. If anything I think spamming the forum might be better at this point.


Kids under 17 are free, in case you didn’t know and it’s relevant to your situation.

Even so, Zwift needs to act on this, its been too long. I can’t believe the pandemic didn’t force them to crack on their single subscription model. Could have helped a lot of families over the last 10 months.

Family plans and full year payment upfront with a discount is almost standard practice at this point.


Let’s keep it in this thread: Family and Child Plan Request

Closing this one to keep the focus on the main one.

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