Family Pricing Model

We have purchased a new exercise bike for the household of three adults. We would all like to use zwift but to have 3 accounts @£13*3 = £39 total is too high a cost only one can be on the bike at one time. Most other subscription software has a multiple user/family account like spotify or netflix where we can share one account and have multiple profiles.

I do you are missing out on revenue as this encourages people to share a single login to save money, I do know of a number of people that do this. I guess it is striking a balance with the price point, for example I would be happy to pay £25 per month for a three user family where we only have one bike. Obviously, your software guys could easily make sure the family login would be able to run one person at a time, so as not to cheat. All we would want is to be able to have different profiles and save our individual rides.

Please refer to this thread: Family and Child Plan Request