Household Memberships

My wife and I are both casual members, cycling 10-20km per day to keep fit, and we justify this at the current level, but with the new pricing you are certain to lose one, or more likely, both of us.

That said, we understand the drive to better support your more hardcore cycling membership with better features.

However, if a household membership option were available then it would be more likely to pass our value for money test. E.g. All subsequent registered at the same address and paid for on the same card are at 50%

We would like that as well! Great idea!

there’s already a thread on this. please join us:

I agree with Mark and Colleen.  This is a terrific idea, and one that would certainly encourage me to continue my membership and likely would encourage my spouse to join as well.


I would sign up for a family plan.

I fully agree with all the comments above, the current pricing is way out of line with reality, and is difficult to justify having more than one account for the entire family.  If there was a sensible family plan Zwift would see more money from us but as is I am finding it difficult to justify the pricing as is and so am likely to drop my subscription in the very near future.  

Sadly I cant see Zwift ever doing anything about this - it has been suggested for years now and religiously ignored by Zwift.  

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