Household membership

My husband has an account with Zwift.  I would also like to join but there is no discount for household membership. Can you please consider this so that we can both ride at a reasonable price. 


Lynn Douglas 

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Make sure you vote up the existing requests so Zwift knows what the users want:

I think the main concern here is how can Zwift Verify the people actually live in the same household? At the end you have the whole world living in the same household. An option would be that every Zwift user can pay a little extra and is able to setup a second Profil, something like Netflix has.

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Hi Lynn! This is definitely something that has grabbed the team’s attention, and is being considered as we continue to expand :slight_smile:

Dropping a line in ourFeature Requestforum is always a good avenue for things like this, so that these requests can continue to gain priority!

Stay tuned!

Ride On.

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