Price differences between Android and iPhone

I have an Android phone and my cycling partner has an iPhone phone.
Today he and I went to subscribe to the premium plan for the first time.
We noticed that on the iPhone, the monthly fee for the premium plan is 40% lower.
Why can’t I pay the same amount on Android as on iPhone?

It’s possible that the answer is here:

I’m a bit confused by the “premium plan” - Zwift only has one subscription type as far as I know. And as far as I know the price should be the same whichever platform you’re on.

What prices are you seeing, and which country is selected?


I expressed myself badly. I said “premium” unnecessarily. I just wanted to say that the Zwift subscription here in Brazil via ANDROID costs U$ 15,00 and via IPHONE (itunes store) costs U$ 10.00
Why does this happen?

Honestly, I don’t know. For me, the App Store says $14.99, which is what I’d expect.

It could be that iPhone isn’t displaying the full cost with sales taxes or something? I don’t have any experience of iTunes/Apple billing I’m afraid.

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Can’t speak to the pricing in Brazil as there may be different laws regarding tax and whatnot. My understanding the base price of Zwift is $14.99 (give or take a little based on currency exchanges) and some countries (i.e. Australia require tax to be included and collected by Zwift, so their subscription is a little higher). But in the U.S. it does show $14.99 via iTunes store. I have mine setup to bill my iTunes account as I currently run Zwift through AppleTV.

Answer in link posted above by @Daren:

It’s possible that the answer is here:

Q: I have a membership purchased via iTunes. Will I need to pay sales tax?

A: If you currently have a membership via iTunes, you won’t need to pay sales/local taxes. If you reactivate your membership or create a new membership via iTunes in the region/country mentioned above after July 15, 2019, your membership price will include
sales/local taxes.