Fees for beta

(No Mad) #1

do i have to pay normal fees although this is a beta version with possible limitations?

(Paul Allen) #2

There are no limitations on the Android beta compared to other Zwift platforms.

If you are already a Zwift subscriber you can run Zwift on any platform of your choosing without paying extra. For example you can run Zwift on a PC one day, iPad the next and an Android device after that all for the same price.

(No Mad) #3

it is a beta version which may include bugsā€¦ and an android device is the only thing i own that is supported by zwift (i dont have any windows or apple devices). i am new to zwift and i really think about an abonnement but it wont happen as long as a beta version at full price is the only option for me.

(Paul Allen) #4

You do get a free trial to start Zwift so you can see how it works on your device.

Not sure when Zwift on Android will come out of beta.