Prestige system for levelling up

Once you reach level 50 have an option to reset your level back to zero and you get a “prestige emblem” you can place next to your name. It’ll give those at level 50 something to aim for without adding lots of new levels which are unachievable for most users. Basically a call of duty style ranking system.

Eric mentioned in a recent interview that the rewards system is being reworked, maybe with more levels above 50.

Not any time soon. :wink:


Man that sentence annoys me. Why not just put “it doesn’t”.

Why do I keep paying my monthly subscription even though promised new features are never released?
Features are overrated, instead each month we like to release fun. We’re clapping and cheering you on each time your money enters our account. There’s no ceiling on hope followed by despair.


Great idea!