PR Jerseys

The jerseys are great but there are many people that will never get them and that is fine too. However, it would be great to create a simple visual indicating that a rider has accomplished a PR on one of the zwift segments during the session. It should only last during the session and would help inspire many to push hard on the sprints, KOM’s, or full lap and to be recognized by those around them. I was thinking a simple little jersey drawing with the letter’s PR in them. Or an icon representing a personal record as if it were a sewn onto the badge for the jersey. I was also thinking this would only last for the current session. This would have an added benefit of giving people something to focus on that is about their own performance and not worry about fliers, mis-configured riders, etc.

Think K/QOM jersey indicating you hit your PR. Same for Green and Orange jerseys. Basically a personal flavor of them. Other riders will see you’ve accomplished your best personal result too and maybe will be inclined to give a rideon.

This looks like this has been implemented in the form of a confetti shower; well done Zwift!