Xp reward when you take a Zwift KOM/Sprint jersey

As an incentive to to take a Zwift jersey wouldn’t it be cool if you were rewarded say 100xp for taking a jersey. Or maybe the amount of xp would vary on the length or difficulty of the segment.
As at the moment apart from wearing the jersey for an hour there is no other reward.

Getting a jersey is dependent on the strength of the riders online so there may be times when it is easier and times where it will be impossible if you are not in the top 1% in the world.

How about XP if you get a new PR on a sprint, KOM or Lap.


Yes I did think that. Maybe xp when you get a PR is a better idea. I still think you should get xp for the jersey, maybe double the amount of when you get a pr?

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First they’d have to retain those PRs for more than 30 days. :wink:

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