Powertap P1 support?

I could not get the android app to find my P1 pedals to use for cadence.  I know the pedals have bluetooth and Ant+.  The app used my Kickr Snap for power.


Original Pixel XL

V9 - 1.0.2763


Regular ride

Mine was able to pick up the P1 pedals, but if I tried to use the pedals for power or cadence, the app would lose connection to the trainer (Vortex Smart); if I re-selected the trainer, the app would lose connection to the pedals.

No idea what the app version was last time I tried it, 10th July.
Device: Teclast T8

The updated Known Issues list now shows “ANT+ not official supported yet, so you may run into issues”, so I will try to test it tonight, to see if my speed/cadence sensor (ant+ only) and P1 pedals work that way.

Nope, no ANT+ devices picked up yet, and for now I still need to decide between the trainer and the pedals.
If the trainer is not connected, the pedals pick up power and cadence just fine.

So right now there appear to an odd limitation in the app, with a limited number of bluetooth devices able to connect, or certain devices clashing. Rouvy connects to all my BT devices, on the same device so it is not the tablet.