Powerdata in event not updating

Hi. Noticed that in some events the powerdata don’t update or take very long time to update. For ex event id: 3614622
That was from 6 days ago and still not updated for all racers.
Do anyone know why it takes so long time for some powerdata to be updated?
I’m looking extra on this event because it was my best effort ever and waiting for the new 5 min pb :smile:

I’m not sure but it looks to me that the Tiny Races may have been set up slightly differently last week.

Possibly @James_Zwift might have time to look at it but if not you might have to contact zwiftpower@zwift.com.

The ZwftPower results for last week look very odd and in most cases don’t match the Companion App results or the end of race results screenshots. Also very unusual for Cat Ds to be producing much faster race times than Cat As.

In previous weeks ZwiftPower shows Cat As off first then 1 min Bs, 2min Cs and 3min Ds. This is not what is being shown last weekend and I think this has affected the race times being shown on ZwiftPower.

EDIT: And somehow this appears to have impacted on the conversion of live to fit file on race 1 of 4 for first (Cat A) and second (Cat A and B) time slots where finishing time of race was very close or under 5 mins.

When the Zwift TT Club did one lap of Glasgow Crit, loads of participants didn’t get the usual power data and I believe it was pinpointed to completing the course in under 5mins.
For example, the one I took part in ZwiftPower - Login

As for last weekend’s Tiny Races, Eric changed the usual pen start order, because there was concern that pen D might not have time to complete race 3 and join the race 4 pen in time.

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If time changes were made to the event after it was built, this would probably explain “oddness”.

I’ll probably need to delete them all and rebuild them if Eric wants me to.

I suspect this is what has happened to OP as he did two time slots of Tiny Races last weekend and the two races not updating his power data were completed in under 5 mins for one and just over 5 mins for the other.

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The one under 5 min i can understand that it don’t get a 5 min time but not why the powerdata won’t update to correct one. And the second one that i mentioned everyone did finish in over 5min. But its not everyones powerdata that is not updated, just some ones.

Can you please, @James_Zwift ? Last week I had Leah adjust times so the D’s had more time for races 3 and 4, and I plan to keep it that way.

I was really hoping you weren’t going to ask :joy:

I’ll try and do them early next week.

While you’re in there, can you have them default to requiring HRM for podium finishers only?