Power/Weight in Personal Leaderboards

I’ve really appreciated and enjoy the fairly new personal companion leaderboards. I think it’s something that was sorely missing in order to make Zwift and its related apps a single ecosystem instead of relying on third parties such as Strava.

One thing has been bugging me about it though. I find it hard to compare my efforts because there’s not a lot of information on each of them - effectively the only data available is when I rode a particular segment and how fast I was. Over the few years I’ve ridden in Zwift I feel like my power output and weight have varied to some extent, and it would be great to see that on each effort.

Average power especially is a no-brainer. Strava shows it and it’s a primary data point I need to compare a previous effort with my current ride. I find myself having to go to Strava a lot simply to know how much power I generated in a segment on a previous ride.

Weight would be a nice to have also, particularly for KOM efforts where it is an important metric.