Peak power numbers

While looking at the new UI, I’ve noticed that the power graph doesn’t tie up with what I saw in game or Strava.

End ride screenshot - 1019W on first spike:


Strava - peak 1002W on second spike:


New UI - 993W on the first spike (same as Companion):


I don’t know what the reason it. Maybe in-game is instantaneoud peak, Strava is 3 second peak, and Companion is 5 second peak?

I know this is a rather old thread, but it illustrates perfectly a problem that many others have identified over the years and that hasn’t been addressed yet (non-urgent though it be).

My peak power output isn’t as high as @Daren’s, but last night I got the Just Scrape It badge (You Hit 800 W) during a sprint. The Companion app and the Zwift Timeline UI both then listed my peak during the ride as only 722 W. More confusingly, according to the best power readings table in the in-game menu, my 5-second peak power during the same ride was 748 W. Huh? :confused:

Since the power data come from a single source (2018 Wahoo KICKR), these readings are surely the products of differing duration filters within Zwift itself.
For the sake of coherence and intelligibility, it would be good to know what the conditions/filters are for the figures that we see. Better still, why not just align them all and avoid these contradictions altogether?




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