Zpower and KOMs

Maybe this is part discussion/part feature request. I realize there’s no perfect solution to data inaccuracies, but why not have at least basic filtering of leaderboards?

For KOMs, perhaps start by having separate zpower/non-zpower KOMs? I usually don’t pay close attention to KOMs – frankly, I’m not that good. But I laugh when I see a list like this because apparently, the majority of the finest cyclists in zwift don’t use power meters.

While the best thing to do is always focus on yourself, your own riding, gains, etc, it would be nice for zwift to have an air of integrity/authenticity. Maybe instead open a “Watopia verified” where you can only get access through some kind of screening/requirements.

[edit – ok, no screenshot. showed top 11 people, all zpower except #7 and #8]
Screenshot removed