Power Ups in Kiss Super League

(Trevor) #1

Conscious this is the first entry for Zwift into eSports and I recognise maintaining a connection between the eSport event, and the Zwift version we ride, keeps it accessible and relatable.
However, when I watch a competition (live or eSports) I like to see the playing field as level as possible and I feel the random nature of power-ups within Zwift does not lend itself to even competition in the eSports model.
A lot of the other gaming platforms which have entered eSports have ‘amended’ some of their meta to try and remove as much of the ‘randomness’ that can be appealing to the general user.
When I watch a KISS event, I’d like to know when a sprint (or the finish) is coming up that the riders can go head to head and not see someone lose because they don’t have an aero helmet.
In my view the game dynamics should not have greater influence over the outcome, than the competitors ability.
I assume this has been partially recognised by removing the option for riders to ‘grab’ a power-up before entering a KISS race.

(Zach Johnston) #2

Yep. The ‘serious’ stuff like this should not have random power ups.

I would not want to win because I got the luck of the draw, and the athlete who would have won instead did not. It’d feel pretty hollow.

(Trevor) #3

Thanks Zach.
Glad I’m not the only one. :+1: