Power ups can’t be selected since latest update

Really pleased the gear indicator is back in the latest update the other day but now it appears i still get power ups but can’t select them when riding? Using Apple TV and remote and whereas before you would just scroll up and the power up would select I get the usual menu bar to change view etc… and the Menu button also (so the remote is working and works for all other apps) appears BUT I now can’t get to and select the power up at the top which will be a real pain when racing.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Just press the play/pause button on the ATV remote to activate a power up. Easier than trying to navigate.


I have the same problem after the latest update

The pressing play on the remote works a treat!

Thanks for this Nigel - much quicker than scrolling up.

I think I was 2 years into Zwifting with ATV before I learned this. Better late than never, I suppose.

Thanks !

I came to ask the same question. Have been using Companion app. Didn’t know about the play/pause button. Thank you!