ATV Easter Egg (or maybe a Zonk)

I did my first Zwift ride on ATV with the new Zwift update (v 1.19) today and found a new ‘feature’ that I don’t recall being announced:

It appears now that when you ‘swipe’ across the track pad on the remote you can access the power/cadence/heart rate field in the upper left corner, in addition to any available power ups (which was previously available by swiping on the trackpad). Pressing the trackpad while on the power field takes you to the pairing screen AND stops your avatar.

I think this nearly mimics pressing the ‘a’ key on PC/Mac.

While this I might be a nice new feature, it also now means you need to be very careful when using the remote to activate power ups.

It’s a new feature on PC too, you can click on that section with the mouse to get the pairing screen up. Presumably the same on Mac and touch screen devices. Think the idea is for you to click there if the connection lost message comes up.

Interesting. Nice feature, I think. Just need to be careful with it when using the ‘wonderful’ ATV remote. I have to say that I’m thrilled that the mini-map seems to have changed to the ‘perspective’ view with 1.18 and stayed that way. Was not a fan of the overhead view.

I always use the “play“ button to activate my power-ups on ATV. That would be the safe alternative.


The ‘play’ button activates power ups, also? Wow! Thanks for that tidbit. It was actually only a few weeks ago that I (accidentally) discovered that swiping would select the power up (and only when not in a ‘turn’ zone). The play button is even easier. :+1: