Improved Power Up control with Apple Remote

(David Kindler) #1

I find it difficult to snag a power up in time with the Apple Remote.  Honestly I’m never sure if I should be scrolling up like crazy on the trackpad, or clicking and scrolling, or what?   Improving (and making it more obvious) how to select a power up within Apple TV would be great.   I didn’t find it any easier with the Apple Remote app on the phone either.   Probably user error on my part…but if I’m having trouble I’m sure others are too.

(Paul Allen) #2

What do you mean by “select a power up”, you only get one. If you are taking about when you go under an arch way, it spins and stops automatically.

(Scott) #3

By ‘Apple Remote App’ it sounds like you already have the Zwift Companion app. This is your best bet. Next time your Zwifting, you should see the Power Up prominently display on the map screen much like it does in game, making it easy to activate. 

(David Kindler) #4

Thanks for the comments.   Paul, the power up spins, stops, and then it disappears before I can click and select it…at least that what I think.   When I used a PC/keyboard I always just hit the spacebar to select…no problem.

By Apple Remote App, I meant exactly that…the App store has an app that looks like the remote device.  But, Scott I like your suggestion better…use Companion and hit the touch screen to select… then only issue there is that leaving Companion on runs down the battery fast, and sometimes the phone goes into lock screen mode… but these are easy to get around.  



(Paul Allen) #5


It will spin, stop and award you the Power Up, no user intervention is needed to get it. To use it I would also suggest the ZCA if you are using Zwift on ATV… 

If you have the Zwift Companion App running and its connected to the Zwift App on your ATV it should not go to the lock screen. I have been able to do 3+ hour rides while running the ZCA and my battery will be at about 30% when I’m done. Sometimes if the battery is low to start with I will plug the phone in while using it.

I am guessing you are using the ZCA on an Android.

(David Kindler) #6



I watched closely today and Zwift does not auto-select power ups with ATV (at least not for me).   I watch the options spin and sometimes sit on the screen with a “grayed out” ring around the selection.  In order to activate the power up you must actively engage it.   Not sure if this is what you mean?   With the Apple remote it seems I must click the touchpad and then scroll continuously up to get the ring to blink white-gray-white.   While flashing I click on the trackpad and the power up is selected.   I usually fumble around long enough that it times out.   I thin Companion in parallel is probably the way to go, but thought I’d relay again what my actual experience is trying to do this via Apple remote.   Zwift ought to simplify the power up activate process with a one button click…otherwise too much distraction from actual bike riding.   Has this been you experience, or do you have a shortcut that I am not understanding?

(Paul Allen) #7


You will receive the Power-Up automatically, but you will manually have to activate it when it is convenient for you, i.e using the Feather when going up hill. Using the ZCA will simplify activating it since you only have to press a button. It should only “time out” when you go under the next arch and you receive a new one.

I don’t get any Power-ups since I only use the Zwift TT bike, but when I have used other bikes in the past I used the ZCA (formerly the ZML), if you are on a PC or Mac you can use the Spacebar.

(David Kindler) #8

Thanks Paul.  Very clear… now I’ve go it!   Sorry to be so dense :frowning: