Power tap not recognized

Very new to this program here.  Sorry if any of this is repeated 


I just received my Suunto Movestick 

it is recognized by my computer , it reads my heart rate 

it does not however recognize my power tap (even changed battery) 

my computer is within 5 feet of my bike and i am pedaling and it is not being recognized , my garmin 1000 reads it properly with speed and power readings 

my girlfriends bike that has a cadence and speed sensor (but no power tap) is not being read either 

the Suunto stick is usb2 (black end cap like Zwift says) 

i can’t imagine having to have the sensor any closer to the bike since i know it is being recognized by the garmin (all the way across the room ) 

any other suggestions from anyone or from Zwift themselves 

i am super excited to see this work , but without the power meter /speed / cadence sensor , all i can do is watch the others ride 

Late 2012 imac 

newer model power tap (with new battery) 

garmin heart rate strap (recognized no issues) 

New Suunto movestick usb adapter 

all within 5-10 feet of everything 

latest wifi 5gz frequency 


From what I understand they are currently having issues with ant+ connections on Mac as well as connection and control of smart trainers.  

I would suggest that you not use your HR and it will likely recognize the powertap.  I say this because I have been able to get one ant+ device recognized however not 2.  This way you can at least get a ride in.   They will have an update for us Apple folk here in the next few days from what I have heard.

See you on the island!

Did you get your issue worked out Mike?


yes !!  the latest update worked like a charm 

the heart rate and the power meter both were recognized instantly 

the adapter is about 5 feet from the power meter so that makes it really nice 

i just got done with my first workout , 2 laps around the island 

very nice !! i feel tired !!  


thank you so much for following up 

Glad to hear Mike!

Were you able to get the speed capability working on Powertap? Zwift recognizes the power and cadence, but not the speed sensor on the G3 for me…

Tom:  yes , everything is working fine 

i don’t use a speed sensor , the speed is estimated by power output and based also on weight 

i don’t use Zwift anymore since it is a monthly service fee , i will just watch other videos and things i have already 

good luck !!