Power meter set up for dual analysis

Garmin is not paired to zwift, only 4iiii and HRM, but the IDs come up the same on the analysis


I didnt know zwift sent to garmin, should I disconnect from garmin on the zwift home page?

No you don’t have to disconnect just look at Garmin connect and you will see two activities for the same day, the one with the Zwift route map is from Zwift the other is from your Garmin head unit.

here are two files one from garmin and one from my smart trainer. the garmin one is the one showing no distance and speed (they are not the same time because I did a warmup in zwift nd save that as a separate file)

Thanks Gerrie, I did not know that. I now have created the data file. I shall reconnect the garmon to zwift, do you still have to convert the zip file to a fit file before uploading to ZP? I am doing this anyway, just didnt know?

Yes, you’ll need to extract the .zip file to a .fit before you upload.

Thank you. I have just done 1 successfully. I think a more comprehensive set up tutorial is needed. Lots of detail missed out as folk assume you know all about it. Thanks again though