Power Levels Way Off on New 40K Segment KOM???

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

I mean no disrespect to the rider as I’m sure this is no fault of his own - but I have to believe the power levels are way off on this ride - 468w for 56min with an average heart rate of 130bpm? 650w Normalized Power? There are a number of power spikes flatlined at over 1200w.


If I’m wrong I apologize to the rider…

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Our advice is, and probably always will be, if it’s fishy - flag it!

I believe we have already reached out to that user to investigate.

PS, At some point you’ll be able to flag riders while you’re riding right from within Zwift.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #3

Greg, this one looks a bit fishy to me as well. Over 470W for 1 hour, that is pretty spectacular.

(Mark Minn HPP) #4

I watched him lap me multiple times…it was kind of funny. It looked like he was doing intervals at 20w/kg, and recovering at 6w/kg…